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Defenders With Most Own Goals in Premier League History

Scoring own goals is any defender’s worst nightmare. Everyone loves a good own goal except the club, the fans and most evidently, the player who lets it in. The hands on the head of an exasperated defender is a sight any manager and teammate would hate to witness on the football pitch.

Over the years we’ve seen a few defenders who have had a knack of scoring at the wrong end. Here we take a look at the players with the unwanted record of scoring the most own goals in Premier League history, surely not a list the players wanted to be a part of when they started off their careers.



Richard Dunne has played in the Premier League 431 times and have contributed to 107 clean sheets, but this isn’t why fans remember him. Unfortunately for Dunne, fans remember him for a record 10 own goals in his Premier League career. No player has scored more goals at their own end in Premier League history than Dunne. The Republic of Ireland defender has played for the likes of Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Queens Park Rangers during his time in the English top-flight league. The only saving grace for Dunne is that he has scored at the right end 11 times, one more than his own-goals tally.



An Everton fan while growing up, Jamie Carragher turned into a Red once he started his career with Liverpool. An absolute legend of the club, Carragher’s biggest quality was his loyalty which gave him his debut. He remained a single club man and finished his career at Liverpool in 2013. With 508 appearances to his name, he has played for Liverpool more than any other player in the Premier League era. He has contributed to 195 clean sheets during his time with the club but yet again, Carragher was notoriously known for his own-goal tally by the end of his career. He stands second on the list with seven own goals while scoring only three at the right end of the football field.



Another Liverpool player who had an eye for own goals is Martin Skrtel. With seven own goals in his 242 appearances for Liverpool, he is tied with Carragher in the second spot. During the 2013-14 campaign, the Liverpool centre-back scored four own goals — a record for a single season, which was later matched by Brighton defender Lewis Dunk. But to be fair to the Slovak, he also found the right end seven times in the same season, something manager Brendan Rodgers definitely didn’t mind back then.



Five-time Premier League champion with Manchester United, Wes Brown has also scored his fair share of own goals during his 308 appearances in the Premier League. With six Premier League own goals, he is tied for the fourth spot. Unfortunately, for Brown, he has more own goals than goals scored for his team. A dazzling career but with a little bit of dent in it.



Phil Jagielka is the only Premier League defender on this list who is still active and hence, can add to his own-goal tally going forward, something he would definitely not be planning to accomplish. With six own goals in 366 Premier League appearances, he is tied at fourth in the list. However, the fact that he has scored at the right end 18 times during his time with Sheffield United and Everton proves his class on the field.

Adding to this list, Ryan Shawcross who currently plays for Stoke City in the Championship and Frank Sinclair, who played for Chelsea and Leicester City during his Premier League days. Both have scored six own goals and are tied with Wes Brown and Phil Jagielka at fourth in the list.

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