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Top Five Players With Most Super 10s in Pro Kabaddi History

Super 10 is a term used in Kabaddi when a raider manages to score 10 or more points in a single match. These should be the individual points of a raider that could arise from both touch points or bonus raid points, but not including the tackle points. If a raider manages to achieve a Super 10 in a match, then one can believe that he has single-handedly won the match for his team.

Over the years, the Pro Kabaddi has seen many raiders who have mastered the supreme art of scoring a Super 10. These talents have found innovative ways of snatching points from the opposition and achieving their goals. Today, we’ll look at the five players who lead the Super 10 charts in Pro Kabaddi.



Matches: 107 | Super 10s: 59

No second thoughts, the league’s G.O.A.T, Pardeep Narwal leads the race when it comes to Super 10s in the tournament’s history. He was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in Season 5 and 6 of the Pro Kabaddi and has helped Patna win the title three consecutive times. His nickname is the ‘Record Breaker’ and he is the most recognised name in the sport. His brilliant conversion rate of 55% for Super 10s just tells us the impact he has had on the big stage. Added to this, he is the most prolific raider in Pro Kabaddi history.



Matches: 122 | Super 10s: 40

A flamboyant raider who makes difficult things look easy on the Kabaddi mat, Rahul Chaudhari is second in the list of most Super 10s in Pro Kabaddi history. He is one of the most successful players in the competition and was presented the ‘Best Raider’ award in Season 4 for scoring 150 points. His calm demeanour and his technique are always pleasing to the eye of the spectator, and the ‘poster boy’ of Indian kabaddi does live up to his reputation.



Matches: 79 | Super 10s: 33

Two-time Pro Kabaddi champion, Maninder Singh is third on the most Super 10s list with 33 to his name. Maninder was Jaipur Pink Panthers’ top raider in the inaugural season and played a huge role in them winning the title in Season 1. He also captained the Bengal Warriors’ team to their maiden Pro Kabaddi title in the previous season, though he had to be sidelined due to an injury in the knockout stage of the competition. He is a stylish raider and is one of the best at his job.



Matches: 123 | Super 10s: 31

Considered as the best in do-or-die situations, Deepak Hooda is the only all-rounder who made this list and that is a credit to his high fitness standards. A gold medal winner in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, Deepak is equally good at both attacking and defending. He had ten Super 10s in Season 6 with the Jaipur Pink Panthers and was the most successful all-rounder in both Season 6 and 7 of the Pro Kabaddi.



Matches: 80 | Super 10s: 31

Joint-fourth on the list for most Super 10s, Pawan Sehrawat is one of the most talked-about raiders in the Pro Kabaddi. He holds the record of most points scored in a single match at 39 and was only the second player to record a 300 point campaign in Season 7. He finished Season 7 with 18 Super 10s, second highest in the league that season. The ‘Hi-flyer’ holds the record of 22 points in the finale of Season 6, the most by any player ever in a final. He was also the MVP in both Season 6 and 7 of the Pro Kabaddi.




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