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What’s Next for Zinedine Zidane?

Football legend Zinedine Zidane stepped away from his managerial position at Spanish club Real Madrid citing the lack of faith shown by the club towards him. He felt let down by his club with the constant leaks to the media and the constant scrutiny over his job throughout the season.

Zidane suffered a first trophyless season at Real since taking over in the 2015-16 season. In just six seasons Zidane has led Los Blancos to 11 trophies and is absolutely adored by his players. But it became all too much for the Frenchman this season and he decided to call it quits after the end of the campaign.

So the question that arises now is what is in store for Zinedine Zidane, the manager, in football? Here are some of his immediate options.



Zidane’s persona is so massive that any player would love to play for him. With the Euro 2020 finishing in July, there are bound to be major countries pulling the plug on certain managers. Zidane can be the perfect candidate to lead any country to FIFA World Cup glory in 2022. French manager Didier Deschamps has even admitted in the past that his successor could be none other than Zizou.

Deschamps is on contract with Les Blues until December 2022. However, if France fails to win the upcoming Euro 2020, then Deschamps could be relieved of his duties and Zidane could be next in line.



His history with Juventus has made Zinedine Zidane a cult figure in the streets of Turin in Italy. There were talks that Juventus was in touch with Zizou regarding the managerial spot at the club post the sacking of Andrea Pirlo but that job has gone to Massimiliano Allegri for now.

The Italian coach, however, is seen as a short term appointment and Zidane could be the one to take the club forward with a longer vision in mind. His brilliant people management skills and his thorough understanding of how the club works will give him a great head start if Juventus were to appoint him after Allegri.



Is a move to the Premier League on the cards for Zizou? Probably not, but you never know. People whose lives are dictated by football end up at places they didn’t even dream about. The English fans never got a chance to witness the greatness of Zidane as a footballer in the Premier League but his charismatic personality on the sidelines of a famous old club seems like a fairytale in the making.

There are plenty of job openings in the Premier League currently like Everton, Wolves, Crystal Palace and Tottenham, but none seem big enough to lure Zidane to the league. Maybe if something at Manchester United or Manchester City opens up in the future, it could turn out to be the perfect destination for the French manager.

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