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UEFA Champions League, Europa League Set to Resume in August

On June 17, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announced that 2019-20’s Champions League and Europa League are all set to resume in August. While the former will be played in Portugal’s Lisbon, the latter’s matches will be played in various cities across Germany. The format will also be tweaked, with an eight-team tournament being played consisting of just one leg ties instead of the usual two.

The Women’s Champions League is returning as well. It will also be a knockout tournament with the matches being played in northern Spain between August 21 to 31. With this move, the UEFA wanted to send out a strong message and reiterate the fact that it is possible to complete these competitions in the current circumstances, particularly in the women’s game which has suffered substantially.

The UEFA Youth Cup is also set to take the same course as the other competitions and will resume on August 16. The remainder of the eight-team tournament will be played out between August 18 to 25 in Nyon. The 2020 UEFA Super Cup has been postponed for now. It was set to be played in Porto but now has been moved to Budapest and will be played on September 24.



The Champions League will resume with the second leg of the remaining Round of 16 games, which will be contested on August 7 and 8. Before world football took a break due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Atletico Madrid, Atalanta, Paris St. Germain and RB Leipzig had already qualified for the Quarter-Finals. On the other hand, Manchester City are yet to play at home against Real Madrid, Juventus are to host Lyon, Chelsea are supposed to travel to Bayern Munich while Barcelona are supposed to play hosts to Napoli. UEFA are yet to decide whether these Round of 16 matches will take place at home stadiums or at a neutral stadium in Lisbon.

The remainder of the tournament will be a single-leg affair and is slated to take place from August 12 to 23. Istanbul, the original host of the 2019-20 Champions League final will now get the similar opportunity in 2020-21, as Lisbon will play host to the grand finale on August 23 this time around.

The draws for the Quarter-finals and Semi-finals will take place on July 10 at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon. If the knockouts were supposed to end as a draw at the end of 90 minutes, then the usual route of extra-time and penalties will be followed. Check out the new fixtures here.

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The Europa League will resume from August 10 and will be held in various cities of Germany. The remaining Round of 16 games will be played on August 5 and 6. There seems to be the same confusion whether these matches will be played at home venues or neutral ones.

All subsequent matches in the competition will be played as a final-eight tournament, with Quarter-finals taking place on August 10 and 11 and the Semi-finals on August 16 and 17. The final, which was originally supposed to be hosted by Gdansk, will be played in Cologne on August 21.

The draws for the Quarter-finals and Semi-finals will take place on July 10 at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon. Check out the new fixtures here.

The UEFA haven’t officially communicated whether these matches will take place behind closed doors or not, though that’s what most are expecting. Still, some are hopeful that at some point there will be fans in the stadium to experience these intense European battles. This change in schedule, however, is not going to impact the upcoming 2020-21 season and hopefully, that should be taking place as per plans.

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