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Top destinations for Mesut Ozil after Arsenal snub

Given how wildly Mesut Ozil’s arrival to Arsenal was celebrated, it is almost unbelievable the manner in which the German playmaker is leaving the North-London club. Neither Unai Emery nor Mikel Arteta has been able to accommodate Mesut Ozil in their squad like Arsene Wenger, with the star player’s alleged lack of work ethic coming to fore repeatedly.

The final nail in the coffin was hammered earlier in October when the Arsenal management decided to leave the £350,000-a-week waged player out of their UEFA Europa League and the Premier League squad. The move was followed by a hostile social media rant by Ozil and his agent Erkut Sogut, making a move away from the Emirates increasingly clear next summer.

However, with the player apparently comfortable with not playing week in week out and earning astronomical wages regardless, his next destination will be a tricky prospect. Here are three destinations that look the most likely.



Being one of the biggest and most successful Turkish clubs in history, no other club will hold as much appeal to Ozil as Fenerbahce if the World Cup winner moves to Turkey – the country having Ozil’s ancestry. Not only that but Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also acted as the best man in Mesut Ozil’s wedding last summer, hinting every possible intent of the player to return to his roots. However, this would mean Ozil taking a severe wage cut from his current structure as Fenerbahce aren’t financially big to afford that. Both the player and the club had turned down any such possibility last summer citing the economic improbabilities in such a move. However, with Ozil already 32-year-old, he cannot be expecting to earn the same wages.



As per Ozil’s agent, MLS remains one of the more prominent destinations for the playmaker. With Premier League legend Wayne Rooney already spending over a season with DC United – the Washington DC-based club – a possibility can’t entirely be ruled out. Though not as high in quality as the Premier League, MLS has boasted of featuring some huge talents over the years in Thierry Henry, David Beckham, David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and more. DC United representatives have even reportedly met Ozil’s agent and a move in the 2021 winter transfer window is also probable. Unlike Fenerbahce, DC United could bring Ozil alongside other football superstars who are at the dusk of their careers as well.



While Fenerbahce can provide Ozil with a club back at home and DC United, the next high level of competition after Arsenal, Ozil’s third requirement could be fulfilled by middle-eastern clubs. With Ozil’s wages being a huge roadblock for many clubs across Europe and USA, Saudi Arab’s Al-Nassr has emerged a viable destination. It was reported that Arsenal had already accepted a paltry £5m bid from Al-Nassr but Ozil refused to leave until his contract was up. The club didn’t quite like Ozil’s refusal to leave last summer and their decision to not include him in the squad was taken to save the significant bonuses Ozil has attached to his appearances. With Al-Nassr ready to offer Ozil the wages he is demanding, a move to Saudi Arabia looks more likely.




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