Surprise Ratings From FIFA 22 That Is Sure To Blow Your Mind

FIFA 22 has dropped now and just like any year, the hype around the game is second to none. Fans have been trying for months to know what their favourite players would be rated as in the game and finally on release day, they get to be these players, albeit in a game.

For a couple of weeks now, some of the player cards are floating around from FIFA 22 that have taken social media by storm. Like every year, there are some ratings on the game that fans can’t wrap their heads around and in this piece, we’re looking at five such situations.


Mohamed Salah was rated 90 in FIFA 21 but after a season where the Egyptian King netted 31 goals, Salah has been downgraded to 89 overall in FIFA 22. This downgrade has made fans, as well as Salah, pretty miffed. The Liverpool winger’s pace has also taken a hit and has dropped from 93 to 90. Salah doesn’t seem to have lost a yard of pace so this also made little sense. Liverpool had a tough year but Salah still had a season to remember. This downgrade has shocked the FIFA world for sure.


It’s quite remarkable to see 38-year-old centre-back Pepe going strong at the highest level but FIFA seem to have overestimated the defender’s abilities a tad bit this time around. His FIFA card has received quite an extraordinary improvement of +14 for his pace and that is remarkable as he is now faster than the likes of Virgil van Dijk in the game. His pace of 80 is also higher than some like Antonio Rudiger, who clocks a top speed of 35.8 km/hr.


After the breakthrough season Mason Greenwood had in 2020-22 and the start to the new season, an overall rating of just 78 doesn’t do justice to the ability the young forward has shown so far in his career. The wonderkid is often regarded as one of the best finishers in the Manchester United squad but the finishing of 77 doesn’t quite reflect his real capabilities.


Jan Vertonghen was rated 83 in FIFA 21 but had a substantially low pace stat of just 59, with the sprint speed languishing at just 61. Come FIFA 22, the former Spurs defender has seen a downgrade in his card with his overall going down by two points to 81 but weirdly, his pace has gone up by 17 points. His sprint speed now stands at 78 and that makes him as fast as some of the quickest centre-backs in the world. Weird how these things work in the game.


One would imagine that after the Champions League triumph in the previous season, many of the Chelsea players would be in for a strong card in FIFA 22. But that hasn’t quite transpired in the same way. Andreas Christensen, who had a good season with both club and country, has got a slight upgrade to just 80 from 79 in the previous edition. Chelsea fans don’t seem impressed by this card and many felt that the Dane deserved to be at least 83 or higher in the game this season.

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