Euro 2020 Special

Why are Premier League Fans Protesting Against American Owners?

Premier League fans have been quite vocal in their protest against American owners at the various top English clubs in recent weeks. These protests kicked off after the announcement of the breakaway European Super League from which the English clubs have now retracted their memberships. These have been mainly peaceful protests but the one at Manchester went a bit out of control and led to the fixture between United and Liverpool at Old Trafford to be rescheduled as the fans had evaded the pitch before kick-off.

So the question arises, why are these Premier League fans protesting against the hierarchy of their respective clubs? One of their major arguments is that these American owners don’t understand the traditions of English football and don’t value the competitive nature of the sport. Remember, American sport doesn’t have a relegation and promotion system like European football and they tried to remove this aspect in their proposal of the European Super League. 

However, every club has its own reasons as well, which we’ll try to answer here. 



The Manchester United fans have always been critical of the Glazer family ever since their takeover at the club in 2005. The American family borrowed roughly 520 million and the club has been paying interest ever since. Every year the family takes a dividend out and fans have lost their patience with this model.

Some sections of the fans feel that the ownership is treating the club as a cash cow and their only motive is to make money from the club. United’s Super League announcement seemed like the last nail in the coffin and fans want the club to be sold to someone who cares. 



Fenway Sports Group (FSG) acquired the ownership of Liverpool back in 2010. John W. Henry is the principal owner of the group and he is the main man at Liverpool. FSG, over this decade, have made glaring errors that go against the principal of the club they own and the fans have made their voices heard over the years. Whether it was the walkout from a Premier League match before the end due to an increase in the price of the season tickets or whether it was their protest against the owner after they signed up for the European Super League.

The group has also been blamed for the lack of spending over the years even though the club is primarily in profit ever since Jurgen Klopp took over at the club. Liverpool fans also seem to have had enough of their American owners but by the looks of it, the group is here to stay at least for the coming future. 



Arsenal fans believe that Stan Kroenke’s reign at the club has brought nothing but unrest and has lowered the standards of the club which was amongst the top of European football. More than 1,000 Arsenal fans gathered outside their stadium to make their voice heard before the match against Everton. The protesters have called Kroenkes to sell the club and interestingly the owner of the music platform Spotify, Daniel Ek has come forward with a vision to buy the club. 

Daniel is an out-and-out Arsenal fan and wants the club to get back to its glory days. For that, he has collided with club legends like Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera and Dennis Bergkamp to make a bid for the club in the coming few weeks. Arsenal fans have had enough of the Kroenke era and are desperate for a change.