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Who Could be the Next Picks in the Premier League Hall of Fame?

The Premier League Hall of Fame was introduced recently and the first members of this coveted club were Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry. Shearer is the all-time leading goalscorer of the Premier League and Henry is often labelled as the best-ever foreign player to set foot in the top-flight of English football. 

These two were worthy inductees in the Premier League Hall of Fame but they seem lonely now in the category and should soon be followed by other legends of the league. The Premier League has come up with a 23-man shortlist and we’ve picked five players from the list who surely deserve to be in the Premier League Hall of Fame. 


If there is a leader that stands out from the early days in the Premier League then it’s Roy Keane. The Irish midfielder is often misunderstood as one of those destroyers of the game who sat in the midfield and put rough tackles in, but along with that he had a brilliant football brain as well. His ability on the ball was second to none. He rallied the troops around him and made sure that every player at the club gave it their all on the matchday as well as at the training ground. He was one of the most inspirational figures from the league and surely deserves to be in the Premier League Hall of Fame.


The ‘Flying Dutchman’ Dennis Bergkamp came from the era where the deep-lying forwards were pulling the strings on the football pitch and Bergkamp was right up there with the very best. He is an Arsenal legend but most importantly, also a Premier League legend. He was brilliant on the pitch and always set the right example whether it is on the pitch or the training ground. He made everyone around him look better and was a delight to watch in his prime in English football. 



The inaugural season of the Premier League coincided with the abolition of the back pass law in football which was a game-changer. Keepers could no longer just pick up the ball in their hands and when their players passed it to them, they now had to deal with the ball using their feet. Almost every keeper struggled to cope up with this rule change. However, one keeper who evolved and got better with these changes was Peter Schmeichel. He was arguably the best keeper of his generation and made the United defence look better time and again. He was colossal in the middle of the goal and some strikers were terrified of the Dane. His reflex saves were out of the world and he was one of the best shot-stoppers the game has ever seen. 


The man who added style and charisma to the Premier League is Eric Cantona. He changed the style of football played in the Premier League and is one of the biggest figures in the history of the league. People say that he single-handedly changed the fortunes of Manchester United after his move from Leeds United and won them the league in the inaugural season of the Premier League. He brought the so-called deep-lying forward position in English football and nobody was better than the Frenchman at that. Along with his goals and assists, he had a steely side to his game and was perfectly suited to the Premier League. 


Patrick Viera had similar characteristics as Roy Keane and was also one of the best leaders the league has ever seen. He was as complete as a midfielder can be, and was a reliable player in the middle of the park for Arsene Wenger for plenty of seasons. He was the captain of the ‘Invincibles’ team and made sure that the standards never dropped on and off the field. 

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