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How will the Idea of Todd Boehly Look Like: Premier League All-Star North vs South?

Chelsea’s new owner and chairman Todd Boehly gave us an insight into his American business mindset and pitched the idea of the Premier League’s very own All-Star game, a North vs South fixture. Boehly claims that American major leagues do it every year and reap huge profits. He believes something like that can change English football. 

However, his remarks have split the entire football fanbase, including ex-players and pundits. While some express their support for the All-Star game, others criticise it. Regardless, we decided to see what all teams will comprise the north and the south teams in this fictitious Premier League All-Star game. 


Teams from the North

Teams eligible to contribute to the north XI are Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Everton, Leeds United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Nottingham Forest, Leicester City and Aston Villa. The Magpies are the most distant club amongst the lot, situated in the northernmost region of England, compared to the rest, which is somewhat clustered together a bit more in the centre of England.


Teams from the South

Teams eligible to contribute to the south XI are mostly London-based viz., Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Fulham and Brentford. As we move towards the south coast, there are Brighton and Hove Albion, Southampton and Bournemouth. Out of the 10 clubs, seven are based out of London while the remaining are all situated along the south coast of England.


Forming teams

Since it is an All-Star game, both teams will comprise big names of the Premier League playing together such as Kevin de Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo facing the likes of Harry Kane and Gabriel Jesus. However, since clubs like Man City and Man United in the north and Arsenal and Chelsea in the south have more influence worldwide than their fellow teams, it may so happen that more than three players will feature from the same club. 

This might cause a disparity amongst the local viewers who would want to see their local lads play in this fundraiser. 


Heritage over profits

English football has been operative since the late 19th century. It is no secret that every generation of Englishmen has football running through their veins. These local fans are so proud of their teams that they cannot digest the thought of having a rival fan in arms just for one event. Although, the only time they hold a truce is if their players play for England. For a charity event that has no value other than the profits they will reap from the curious fans who want to see Ronaldo play with Mitrovic or Haaland

Chelsea chairman Todd Boehly mentioned that the American baseball league MLB made $200 million in a two-day All-Star game. He then suggested that the Premier League should have an All-Star game of their own; a north vs south game. Easy for an American businessman to say who has no idea about the heritage that English football carries.

With hundreds of years of rivalry, the fans will understandably not be in favour of such events. Unlike American sports, where they have managed to make every sport about profits. Imagine Tottenham and Arsenal fans having to see Bukayo Saka link up with Heung-Min Son and celebrate a goal together. It will surely be a tough pill to swallow, even for a night. 

Moreover, the investors and the chain of command would prefer the likes of big names such as Phil Foden and Kai Havertz to play over the likes of Daniel Podence and Neal Maupay and other club players will tend to create problems among the local viewers.
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