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Aubameyang to Anelka: Players Who Have Played for Multiple ‘Big Six’ PL Clubs

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang made headlines when he signed for Chelsea, direct rivals of his former club Arsenal. Aubameyang, who donned the famous No. 14 in his Arsenal days, has upset his Arsenal fans with this shocking move. However, the Gabon international isn’t the only player to have joined a rival team in the Premier League. There were many players in the past who have played for more than one ‘Big Six’ team.

Here are some names that might make you feel nostalgic.


Nicolas Anelka – Four clubs

Nicolas Anelka has played for the most number of teams in the ‘Big Six’. The former France international debuted in the Premier League at the age of just 19 for Arsenal. He would later go on to play for Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. Much like Aubameyang, Anelka too has played for Arsenal and Chelsea.

Anelka also played for other clubs like Bolton and West Brom in his Premier League career, during which he scored 125 goals and made 48 assists.


William Gallas – Three clubs

Gallas is one of the rare players to have played for all three London rivals – Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham. He started his Premier League journey with Chelsea. He was later signed by Arsenal, where he donned the No. 10 jersey albeit, a defender. He would go on to captain the Gunners in the second half of his Arsenal career. However, he then joined rivals Tottenham, which riled up the Arsenal fans who had once trusted him.

Gallas, being a centre-back, scored 25 goals in his impressive Premier League career.


Raheem Sterling – Three clubs

Raheem Sterling began his Premier League career with Liverpool. He would soon run out of favour at Anfield and go on to join Manchester City, a club that very recently has earned elite status in the Premier League. Sterling has won a total of 11 trophies at the Etihad Stadium and has scored 91 league goals for Man City, making him one of the most successful players in the club.

Sterling decided to join Chelsea ahead of the 2022-23 season, much like his former teammate Daniel Sturridge, who also played for the same three clubs.


Emmanuel Adebayor – Three clubs

Emmanuel Adebayor began his Premier League career with Arsenal as one of their main strikers. After three years, he joined Manchester City, who were still in the process of earning their elite status. One of his most infamous moments was when he scored against Arsenal at the Emirates and ran the field’s length to celebrate in front of the already distraught Arsenal fans.

Adebayor would later go on to join Tottenham, Arsenal’s arch-rivals, making it absolutely clear that the Togo international cared very little about his time at the Emirates. He has scored a total of 97 goals in the Premier League.


Kolo Toure – Three clubs

Kolo Toure is one of the most celebrated players in the Premier League. He is recognised mostly for his long tenure at the Emirates stadium. However, the Ivory Coast international is one of the eight players to win the Premier League with two different clubs. Toure was in Arsenal’s famous ‘Invincibles’ side, where he won the league with the Gunners.

He would later join Manchester City, where he won the Premier League again. He then joined Liverpool where he played for three seasons before joining Celtic. Fun fact, Kolo Toure became Invincible once again with the Scottish team by winning the league without losing a single league match.

Toure is the only player in the history of football to have the honour of being a two-time ‘Invincible’.

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