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Can Clubs Sign Players After The Transfer Window Shuts?

It is speculated that even after the end of a transfer window, some teams will engage in transfer business to fill the holes in the squad. While the teams have complete freedom to complete transfers post the transfer window; however, the transfer will only come to full effect in the next window. Meaning that if a team signs another player after the transfer window, the said player will join the club in the following transfer window.

However, the current narrative suggests that the teams in talks will be recruiting some players that can join them immediately. So the question is, how does a team sign a player immediately with the transfer window closed?


Free agents

Free agents are players who currently are not under any form of contract with any official team. These players can be anyone from a young academy player to a veteran looking for a new club. Free agents are under no obligation to answer to anyone while they are unemployed. That is why they can sign in the middle of the season with any team from any league.


Free transfers

Free transfers are the type of transfers wherein the club does not have to pay any other club a transfer sum. Their business is only with the free agent (player) and their agents, where the only transaction taking place is the player’s wages and various bonuses, if any.

Free transfers with a free agent can happen anytime in the calendar year without any restrictions. A free transfer with a player who already plays for a club can only happen if he is serving the final six months of his contract with his current employers. In that scenario, the player has the liberty to hold talks with other clubs for a potential transfer without his current club getting involved. Such types of transfers usually happen during the winter transfer window; where the player and his future employers agree for the player to join his new team in the following summer transfer window.


Diego Costa’s move to Wolves

Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa joined Wolverhampton Wanderers on a free transfer as a free agent. This transfer makes him the first incoming transfer post the transfer window in the Premier League. Costa joined the Brazilian side Atletico Mineiro last year but terminated his contract with them in January 2022. Since he was a free agent, Wolves signed him on a free transfer and the 33-year-old will be eligible to play once again in the Premier League.

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