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Wholesome Moments Shared Between Late Queen Elizabeth II and Cricket

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who sat on the throne for seven decades, passed away on September 8 with the whole world mourning her loss. She will be known for many things but the one thing she is lesser known for is her avid interest in cricket. Along with her late husband Prince Philip, she is known to share a common interest in the sport and would watch matches together.

Let’s look at some wholesome moments the Queen Elizabeth II shared with cricket.


Dennis Lillee asks for an autograph – 1977

On the final day of the Centenary Test between England and Australia, the Queen was presented with the players of both sides. Upon reaching the Australian team, the Queen was surprised to see the legendary Australian pacer Dennis Lillee pulling out a pen and paper to ask for her autograph, thus breaking protocol. The Queen had to refuse as it was against the protocol. Moreover, with so many in attendance watching, there was only so much she could do.

However, a week later, Lillee was contacted by Buckingham Palace wherein the Queen sent him a signed photograph of that moment between the two.


The Queen sits with Ali Bacher and Ngconde Balfour – 1999

In a match between South Africa and England, Queen Elizabeth II travelled to the continent of Africa to attend the fixture. The venue was the Alexandra Oval in Alexandra, South Africa, where the Queen was greeted by veteran cricket administrator Ali Bacher and then Sports Minister, Ngconde Balfour. As the game commenced, the Queen decided to sit with the two gentlemen to talk about cricket throughout the match.

Both Bacher and Balfour recalled this moment after the Queen passed away. They described the Queen’s gesture as an “indelible mark” that she left on them.


The Queen meets the captains of ICC World Cup – 2019

The Queen and the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry met the captains of the participating teams ahead of the 2019 World Cup, which was hosted in England. Prince Harry commenced the meeting by greeting the captains of the teams. Amongst the captains was Virat Kohli, who led the Men in Blue in the World Cup.

After Prince Harry, the Queen entered the room and greeted the captains personally. She exchanged a few words with everyone before they all sat down for a photograph. Her interest in cricket was perhaps evident by the excitement shown by the captains as they conversed with the Queen.

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