How Will The Addition Of Two Teams Impact The 2022 Indian T20 League?

The 2022 Indian T20 League season would be a landmark one as it will see the league revert to being a ten-team league. The BCCI recently announced the highest bidders for the two new franchises that are going to be Team Lucknow and Ahmedabad. These ten teams would go head on to try and win the coveted trophy.

Before the 2022 Indian T20 League season, there is a mega auction that is due to take place. With the introduction of two new teams, the league is going to look a lot different than what it used to be in the previous few seasons. So what are the other impact we could expect in the 2022 Indian T20 League season? Let’s find out.


So far there isn’t much clarity on how the player retention process would work. What we know as of now is that the eight existing teams would be allowed to retain up to four players from their original squad, with a maximum of two overseas players. The ‘Right to Match Card’ that was used in the previous mega auctions won’t exist this time around.

The two new franchises will then get to buy three players before the auction through a draft system, the same one that was used in 2016 when Team Pune and Team Gujarat briefly replaced Chennai and Rajasthan.


With the number of teams going up to ten, the fixture list is bound to increase as well. The BCCI confirmed that the season will see 74 games, an increase from the previous 60. With each team playing seven home and seven away games. That means the tournament is likely to revert to the format used in 2011.

Then, the 10 teams were broken into two groups of five but were ranked on one consolidated points table. Each team played the other four in their group both home and away (eight matches), four of the teams in the other group once each (four matches, either home or away), and the remaining team in the other group twice, both home and away. A random draw decided the composition of the groups as well as who played whom across the groups once and twice. It is likely that the same format is going to be used in the 2022 Indian T20 League season as well.


The most interesting news in the past few days regarding the league has been the exorbitant bids that have been put in place for the two new franchises. It exceeded everyone’s expectations and it tells you the strength and belief in Indian cricket even by foreign investors.

The two new franchises sold INR 7090 crore (Lucknow) and INR 5625 (Ahmedabad) to RPSG Ventures Ltd and Irelia Company Pte Ltd (CVC Capital Partners), respectively. The eight original franchises would be delighted with the way this bidding process went as now their own franchises’ valuation would have skyrocketed.

The major revenue stream for a franchise is the central rights income (a share of media rights income and central sponsorship). After the record sum paid by Star India in 2017 for media rights, each of the existing eight franchises earned close to INR 200 crore. That is bound to get even bigger as a result of the new bids, potentially inching up to the INR 275-350 crore mark per season per franchise going forward for 10 years. Even if the media rights sum goes up, these two new franchises would still make a loss in the coming few years but they are looking at it as a long-term investment.

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