How Can India Qualify For The T20 World Cup Semi-Finals?

After two shambolic performances in the 2021 T20 World Cup, Team India, who started as favourites to win the tournament, are almost certain of not making it to the semi-finals with still three games to play. The manner in which the team lost has made their net run rate go for a toss. Team India’s fate is no longer in their own hands as they need to get other teams to do them a favour, on top of winning the remaining three matches.

We’re exploring two scenarios through which Team India can still qualify for the T20 World Cup semi-finals.


Team India still have three matches left in the group stage against Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia. On paper, it should be straightforward but unfortunately, the matches aren’t played on paper. The match against the Afghans wouldn’t be a walkover as they are a quality T20 side and can upset any team on their day.

Even if India goes on to win the remaining three matches, still it won’t be enough for them to book a place in the 2021 T20 World Cup semi-finals. They need to win handsomely in all three games either by more than 100 runs or by chasing the total in 10-12 overs in all three games.

For this scenario to work, they’d also need Afghanistan to beat New Zealand in their last match and post that they’d know by how much they need to beat Namibia on November 8 to qualify for the next round.


In a fairytale world, India would be hoping that their poor net run rate doesn’t come in the picture at all and this is how it can happen:

  1. They need Pakistan to win all their remaining games and qualify with 10 points.
  2. They themselves need to win all their remaining games to have six points on the board.
  3. They need New Zealand to beat Afghanistan to keep the Afghans on just four points.
  4. So far it still seems realistic but this is where the prayers begin. They need Scotland and Namibia to beat New Zealand to keep the Kiwis on four points.

This way Namibia, New Zealand and Afghanistan all remain on four points and Team India sail through to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup with six points in their kitty. A highly unlikely scenario, but we’ve seen funnier things happen in the world of cricket before.

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